Quotes added on Thursday, July 7 2005

i'm a
player and i put everything
i have into my game
Don`t Wish on A STAR,
REach For OnE <333
Can you hear me
Can you see any part of me
Can you feel me
Can you bleed for me

Can't you see me walkin in your shoes
Can't you feel me steppin all over your soul
Can't you feel me reach into you

Can't you feel me walkin over your soul
Can't you feel me wait in pain
Can't you feel me reach into you
hEy SaY ThAt WhEn TheRes No oNe To tUrn To , TurN To Ur hEarT But WHaT iF Its To ShatTereD To LiSTen.......::::::::::::::::::::
         ( )              IcCREAM!!
         ( )
         ( )
         ( )
         ( )
         ( )
         ( )             
         \ /
"that sounded like a cow giving birthday to siamese twins
GiRlz WH0 [x] B E H A V E D
|( NEVER )| MADE |( HIST0RY )|
f0R A __ |( R E A S O N )|
clouDS weRE IN Sky, I waLKed into HOME room ND lo0ked in yOUR Eyes! U Made Wake UP again wit the Sun Out nd THe Birds Chrping. <33
Wen i Cry ur Alway`z thEre WeN IM HurT Ur AlwaYz Aware faR Or NeaR Or IdlE Or AwaY ALl iNo Is OUr frIEnd shiP WiLl SteyY <3
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