Quotes added on Saturday, July 9 2005

Ure so fat that when you walked into a shop and asked if
you could look round, the shopkeeper replied "you already look round to me!"

no offense to fat people :D
Wanna hear a dirty joke? A little boy falls into the mud
Wanna hear a clean joke? He takes a bath with bubbles
Wanna hear a dirty joke? Bubbles is Michael Jackson.
Love is a mystery, so go explore and find your true love. . .
NoW ThAt I UnDeRStAnD ThIs RiGhT
LeT Me TaKe It To ThE MikE
ThIs ReVoLuTiOn
HaS JuSt

Evolution Revolution Love
g and hopeing your going to be the one to catch me
i hate it h0w there are 0nly threE ch0icEs..
l0vEr`sz *
friEnd`sz *
...or EnEmiE`sz *
flip flops*tank tops
short skirts*belly shirts
lemonade*in the shade
havin fun in the pool
yippy theres nomore skool

make the stars bold
Men, you can't live with em...
You can't....- nope thats bout it!
- Miss Congeniality 2
fashixcazil my fonenazil <3
and make it ringadingadizel

lines up in comic sans size 8
100 p3rsent% or!ginal.. <3
i told him i was afraid of f a l l i n g
And he whisperd "I have wings"

bold whisper and italic wings
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