Quotes added on Tuesday, July 12 2005

there`s a peice of you thats here with
me its everywhere i go its everyrhing
i see <33

Im playing hide and seek with a invisable friend.But hes really good because im trying to find him and weve been playing this for about 3 hours now.AND I STILL HAVNT FOUND HIM!
i think about u all the time...
every moment ur on my mind...
i no u dont want me... but thats okay...
because i no theres someone else there who will want me someday...
but as of right now... im thinkin of u...
this is love...and i no its true....<3<3

100% me again.... i like writing quotes.... so if u want one IM me anytime...<3

})i({ i gET BUttafliEs in MY STOMAche everY tIMe I THINk ABOut You... x3 becAUSe I'M DEEPLy IN L0ve WIth YoU
The Best Thing About Freinds Are When You Get In Trouble ... It's Mostly Always Together
>>Great Memz Wit All My Girlz L0ve You All bffeaeaeaeae<<
she looks down at her bloody wrists
seeing his name and how he left her
-->>like this

make bloody and the arrow in red and cross out his

iM me at * x brokenkisses o if you want more i guess
I came along I wrote a song for you,
I didn't know if you'd like it too,
so i sit and wait for you to call,
I didn't know if you'd show up at all
and it hurts
I just wanted to hold your hand
and tell you how much i care about you
but i guess you don't care about me enough
to show...

yeah i wrote this it's kinda bad but oh well

<3 Lacie
I'm awake in your eyes but I'm dying inside. I can't seem to confide in these tears that I cry I'm lying away and as I do my dreams begin to fade. There is darkness all around no light to be shown, to lead me to the place were I was once known. Are you there with me or is it a dream a place were all my imaginations can be seen.

I wrote this

When I first met you I didn't know who you were, but then i found out you liked her. I sat there and wondered is she better than me, is it her looks or her kindness you see. I really wanted to be with you but you liked her the most so I'm gonnaa say goodbye for the last time.

all mine
I'm sitting here in my room all alone waiting for the phone to ring so i can here your voice on the other end i've been waiting for awhile just to see you smile I can't believe you've been gone for so long and it's tearing me apart on the inside to have let you go without me telling you how much i care when you return will you leave me again, broken hearted with a gun looking so tempting to pull the trigger because i would carve your name in a bullet just to let everyone know you were the last thing going through my mind. i would pretend that we were a pair of star-crossed lovers thriving for it all and with this i leave all my sorrows.

I wrote this 100%

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