Quotes added on Saturday, July 16 2005

ii dOnT play hArD to get...ii pLaY to get you hArD!

*.:MuSiC mAkE yOu LoSe CoNtRol:.*

lEtS go
you love him and you can't understand why you love him just cuz he hurts you to the feeling you were wrong
sometimes i wonder what my life could be like if i never met you......or haveing are love ending with no one getting hurt
d p
i u
p t
i i
t k
l c
o i
w p
"you know what i like about rich kids..... NOTHIN!"
-The O.C.
love is like a bar of soap...once you think you have it it slips a w a y
Me without them is like chips without dip... destroyed jeans without a rip....Napolean without Kip...

G O T 2 L OVE MY Girls
sometimes i wish
would tell me i
mean something
to them_____</3
Im the kinda person that laughs at jokes 3 times..
once when it is told
once when its explained
and 5 mins later, when i finally get it
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