Quotes added on Sunday, July 17 2005

do yOu believe in
` - - » M a g i c *
Once, I swore I would die for you//
But I never meant like this
have i mentioned that i miss you?
& have i showed you my scar?
it's the one from your knife
when you stabbed out my heart <|3
& theres just some things
you cant give up on.
its like i cant breathe
its like i cant see anything
nothing but you
im addicted to you
its like i cant think
without you interrupting me
in my thoughts, in my dreams
you've take over me
...its like im not me
my heart starts beating triple times
.. with thoughts of loving you
on my mindd*
i will never ask if youre to never tell me
i know you well enough to know
you never loved me
It's sad. because every day we spend together, is slowly being replaced by every day we're spending apart. i miss you
a beautiful girl can make you dizzy
like you been drinking jack and coke all morning
she can make you feel high
for a single greatest comodity know to man
a promise. promise of a better day
promise of a greater hope
promise of a new tomorrow.
this particicular aura can be found at the gait
of a beautiful girl. in her smile and in her soul
and the way she makes every rotten thing about life
seem like its gonna be okay
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