Quotes added on Wednesday, July 20 2005

How could this happen to me i made my mistakke life goes on its not fadin away i triped up this life i just wont rain how could happen to me
At least whe i said i loved u i really ment it i didnt lie and go to someone else i just hope u dont lie to them
Im known nation wide but in the south
What did the hungry whale do
Bite the tail off of a submarine and drank all the seaman out of it
[I] looked everywhere for the key to my [heart] when I realized I gave it to [you], but you left and you never gave it back.<3
If I followed you home...Would you keep me?
I got a new car today. When you say rock it plays rock music when you play rap it plays rap music. Well one day this week i was driving down the road and then all of a sudden these kids ran out in front of my car so i yelled "F*ckin kids!" And it played Michael Jackson
i can cover my ears
and close my eyes
but reality will never go away
You said you loved me
It was just all a lie
I thought that I was flying high
My life was so perfect
Then you dumped me
I felt the pain
I felt like cutting but never did
I felt like dying
That didnt happen either
But I loved you so much
and yuo said you love me too
You claim you still want me
so then why are you with HER?
I just dont get you
ur a gurl hopper
and ima put u in ur place!

Made by Mickayla Tallman IM me at Ditzyandblond05 or email me at Sexiililshorie@yahoo.com or ditzyandblond05@aim.com
thinking about *YOU*
and how much i miss *YOU*
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