Quotes added on Friday, July 22 2005

friends are there when times get back
but best friends never fricken leave...
My heart will NOT beat...
& my soul will bleed.
My life will die...
& on the floor my body will lie.
My eyes will cry...
But I'll hold them in or at least try.
My lips will only speak on him...
Cuz lovin him is the BEST thinq i did.
My hears will ONLY hear his voice...
But NOT gettin tired of it was my choice.
If i could just have him hold me even just for a day...
I'd tell him...
"I NEVER want YOU to LEAVE or go AWAY."
Since the day i layed eyes on him
i new i would always
be in love
even if it
was in 1st grade -The Real World
dO yOu ReMeMbEr Me?
LOst fOr sO LoNg............
i LaY DyiNg
aNd i Am pOuRiNg
cRiMsOn rEgReT
i"M dYiNg, pRaYiNg
bLeEdiNg, aNd sCrEaMiNg
aM i tOo lOsT tO bE SaVeD?
aM I ToO lOsT?
You know sometimes you wonder wat would have happend if you fixed the past,
would it be better or would it be worse but now you have no idea cuz you tried sooo hard but gave up cuz it was just too tiring and all you felt was anger and you were hurt and just things were said that werent supposed to so there is alot of regret that you have. But i guess you have to move on and just realize that it will never happen again...so here it is im still here
My only wish is to feel his arms wrapped around my waist, me pressed tight against
his body, and him whispering in my
ear "I love you baby & I'll never let you go"
if you want to know where your
heart is, look where your mind
goes when it wanders . . <3
Its about time something good stepped into my life and stayed...
She's the kind of girl who is constantly making
mistakes && then having them shoved in my face.
The dirty lookz, the jealous glare, the funniest part is ....ya think i care
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