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She was as pure as a flower
I was a poisonous weed
She had the grace of a calm swan
And I was a wolf dressed in greed

'Little Big Women'
I swear on my life
I really do care
Don't know where we going
But I can't wait to get there
I've been the lost boy
In search of his mom
The sky still is cloudy
But you made the sea look calm

And now I can feel the ground under my feet
Now I can taste both the bitter and sweet
Now that I feel the ground
I'm close to home

But you look so small
When you try to smile
Uncertainty grabs you
And holds on for quite awhile
You beg me to stay
Like I could let go
I can't hold you long enough
I try to let you know

'Cause now I can feel the ground...

You're a new horizon
You have made me realize
I can touch the ceiling
I see hope instead of lies
Although it's not easy
I will never shut my eyes
I won't shut my eyes

'Cause now I can feel the ground...

'Close to home'
I try to f o c u s my attension
- but i feel so A-D-D -
i need some help, some i n s p i r a t i o n
- but its not coming easily -

Natasha Bedingfield- These Words

(Tips- Make A-D-D all read and make A D D bold
Make the easily in italics)
she was happier then e v e r - lying in his
arms her fingers linked with his she looked
deep into his eyes * then he k i s s e d her
they were c o m p l e t e l y in love then
`---- then she w o k e up

do you ever wonder what your life
looks like through someone else's eyes?
are you thinking about me
i dont kno what to do
i cant get enough of you
you are on my mind
but your running out of time
when ever i look in your eyes
i just get so mezmerized

***how do u cope when..
the one u luv is with somebody else and there's nothing
can do about it....
how do u deal with...
the fact that u had ur chance but u chose to turn away for
ur career....
i gotta take it...know its heartbreakin...
its something that i have to do....
but no body said that it would hurt so bad....
so how do i live, how do i deal without you??***
Well find our way back someday
Just hold your breath as we getaway
Leave a trail of bread crumbs down
That we will follow when we come around

Get in the car put down the top
Cross your fingers we wont meet cops
Lay your head back and take in the world
Ill hold your hand to stay in comfort

Just 3 more miles till me make it there
So watch the sunset fall with cares
Well be okay for forever
As long as we stay together
The openness of sympathy
The greatest of epiphanies
The darkest part within the sea
A hollowed part I hold in me
An angered cry no one can see
Bleeding out just to be free
Suppressed within some diary
I hold within my mind

And with these words I write my cry
Letting these emotions die
For years effort to fail and try
I ask and wonder of all worlds, why?
Of all the cursed and wretched guys
The sinners failed attempt to fly
That I am cursed to breathe then die
In the instant of a day

But with these things Id die to say
Ill theyll make their way someday
To your hands or doorstep they will lay
Open to tell you that Im okay
In heaven or hell, or along the way
For life minus you was lost anyway
And if in grief you will not stay
Ill leave again, to fill destiny.
Its funny how youre beautiful
When all the other hearts go dull
And scary when you look at me
As though my world is within reach

But baby, when you smile
I would run a million miles
Cause youre sunshine through the rain
Youre my cure against this pain

Its crazy how youre so enchanting
And all the guys take you for granted
But youre something and now I know it
Time to let fear go and show it
Its still an open mystery
How someone means so much to me
And in my soul I know its true
I breathe today and breathe for you

But sometime I must let this go
Give up fear and let you know
Close my eyes and just fall in
Trust the things I feel within

Keep no secret, tell no lie
Cross my heart and hope to die
And hope someday well meet again
Just maybe then this heart will end

Amazing how you seem to be
So beautiful you look to me
But none of this you will admit
Maybe someday, youll get it.
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