Quotes added on Monday, July 25 2005

Do you see what i see when i look into a mirror? No.i see a sad lonely mixed up girl who wishs a knife could end her life.She crys herself to sleep half the tyme.The other half of the time she just sits and wonders why everyone wants to disown her.So why is their a purpose for me?
You cant see it in her eyes because all she does is cry.she sits and wonders who actually loves her.Who cares?who hates her?It seems no one cares.No one would care if she ended her life
Today I told you I loved you
Is it Okay if i take that back?
being a
being an
being ann
being anny
being annyo
being annyoi
being annyoin
being annyoing
being annyoin
being annyoi
being annyo
being anny
being ann
being an
being a
it d0esnt matter h0w l0ng you' ve
kn0wn him alL that matters iis
that he had y0u smiiliin since day | 1
I'm crying here, what have you done?

jus lik a pill
stead of makin me betta ure makin me ill
See I fell in love wit ya.
Wana raise my kids wit ya
But you left me all along wit tears drippin down yer pic
I rememba the day like yesterday
Id do anythin to get you bac
Could we get it back the way it was?
I got you locked away deep in my heart alwayz an 4eva
I really want you baby
I need you in my life
I got to have you baby
I want to spend some time
boy your one of a kind
So fine, I think about you all the time
your always on my mind
It feel like heaven when Im with ya
Baby I just wana chill with ya
Spend some time with ya
Cuz baby Im so in love with ya
Evrywhere I go I got your pic
Baby I miss ya
I just wana spend some time with ya

age aint nuthin but a numba...
dont worry bout age
To Kingdoms' come, I'll wait for you, will you wait for me is the question I quiz to you, I charish and love you forever, but the test that I put upon you, is will u wait and love forever, to Kingdom's come,.....We'll wait for eachother

Here I am, Sitting Wishing and Hoping one day you'll come back to me this life you once had, the gifts and luxuries we bith had, the fun and peril we experienced, which is now just me, I live alone, this mansion the king but no queen, I shall wait and wait for you to return to me, to this home, to this life, but this will never be, so true how life can be
Theres not much that I can say to yooh...
Theres not much that I want to say to yooh..
All that matters...Is that I am deeply in love with yooh...
Love is when you miss him
even before he leaves when you '
could listen to him talk all night and '
never get tired of hearing his voice "
when the sound of his name ''`
sends chills down your spine '
and you see his smile `''
the second you '
close your '
eyes '

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