Quotes added on Wednesday, July 27 2005

we've known each other for a long time but i never really.
noticed all the magic in your eyes i've been around you a
thousand times before and you've always been a friend to
me but now im wanting more i must have been blind i never
realizeD you're the one that's right for me all the while i
couldnt see and now i feel so strange ill never be the same
going round & round in circles & i don't no what to do <3
underneath this smile my world is slowly caving in
all the while i`m hanging on instead of letting go
i`ve been hiding out for miles underneath this smile ..
I aint gonna lie your kinda hot you got my attention and it takes
a lot baby you turn me on i`m not gonna let you lone all i wanna
do is get to no ya better baby say its all good come on now i __
wich yOu would xox
remember when boys had cooties when friends always listened
to yOu when dreams were unshattered & worries were few ...
when recess was to short __ & life was to long when decisions
came easy with no need to belong when storks delievered babies
& passions werent so strong when friendships werent broken .
right was right ..wrong was wrong when bad things didnt happen
only skinned knees brought tears & the nightlight in your room ___
quieted all your fears when decisions were solved my eni-meani-
mini-mo when boys were yucky & good byes were only meant till
tomorrow when your clothes didnt match & real friends didnt part .
the fun went on forever & never left a b.r.o.k.e.n. h.e.a.r.t
traveling down this road that we call life, it's good
to no i have friends that will always stand by me .
draw a line & live above it
- Miss California 2005
and all these feelings that i thought were gone came rushing
back to me at once tried to smile and hide the way i felt but i
was thinking to myself [( truth is )] i never got over yOu
i wish i was Standing in her shoes but when its all said and
done guess i'm still in love with you i never should've let yOu
go it's killing me because now i no when it's all said and
done guess i'm still in lOve with you [( truth is )]
if gossip were beer ..our whole school would be wasted
the time will come when we have to Say goOdbye tO
everything we know ..everything we took for granted
when changes finally do occur, when the familiar has
departed & the unfamiliar has taken its place . all we
can really do iS Say hello & welcome
-DeSperate HOusewiveS
isnt it better to cling to the dream that
might have been then mess up reality ?
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