Quotes added on Wednesday, July 27 2005

Always flirtiní and puttiní on a show
Girls always hatin Guys sayin whoa
All good girls and boys go to Heaven
- that's why I wasn't invited.
God made the forests, God made the seas
then God made me I was born to tease!
I said I was an Angel
I don't do naughty things
but u must of got me too hot
and burned off my wings
Parental advisory...flirting with me
Could cause things to rise!
You think Iím innocent, My cute little
smile is all that shows. How naughty i
can be *thatís 1 thing youll never know
Just because I flirt doesnít mean Iím a ho
Unlike most of you chicks I learned how to
say no.
there`z sOmethinq abOut the way yOu
mOve that alwaiiz getz me in the mOod
every LiiL thinq yOu dO
makez me wanna give it tO yOu
Imma teaser, I turn 'em on,
leave em burnin...then Im gone
ii LiKe ThA wHoLe
`SiiNgLe`-PaRtY-*fUn* ThInG
bUt SuMtImEs ii WuLdNt
mInD tHa WhOlE`HuGgIn`
-HoLdIn hAnDs-*HiiS gRl tHiiNg*
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