Quotes added on Thursday, July 28 2005

I look like hell ! Audrey ! Audrey ! AUDREY LOOK AT ME !!!!

lmao.. Anchorman

|                 |
|                 |
|  Kraft          |
|      Cheese     | 
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |

<3 my genious self.. dont take credit !

hehe ;[
x33 nOthing'Zs guNNa cHange thE thiiNgs notHings gunnA make'
tHis rigHt agaiN pLease dOnt tuRn yoUr baC i caNt belivE its hard
juSt tOo talK tO yoU but yOu doNT undErstaNd [( xoxox )] `''
let them say we`re crazy what do they'
know , put your arms around me baby&
{ n e v e r } { l e t} { m e} { g o } x3''
we've all changed but we're still the same
after all that we've been through, i know were cool
my girls <3 love you to death
-as long as you have a pretty face..then*
u dont need big fake boobs to get noticed
-|[ Paris Hilton ]|

I want a guy who wipes away my tears...
I want a guy who holds my hand without hesitation...
I want a guy who will love me and stand by my side even through hard times...
who will stand up for me when i act like a fool...
i want a guy who won't be shy around me and who will love me till the world ends...
Your love is like the whisper in the wind...
Its somthing you can feel but never follow.
Love is just one thing in life but love and friendship are two things
just ride w/ me` roll w/ me` im inlove w/ u . BABi
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