Quotes added on Tuesday, August 2 2005

what have you done today to make you feel proud? its never too late to try...
its easy to fall in love but murder to get out again...

take no credit i made it up... its pretty good for me!
i will love u till the day i die,
but wen we r apart i will not cry...
of corse i will be upset,
but i will hold my head high and not regret...
my love for you cos...
i must get on with my life and i must not fret!

take no credit again made by the one and only... me!
&& tonight i`m ripping up ALL the pictures of you . because , well * i`m moving on
the sad part is - when yOu tOld me yOu lOved me .. ii beliieved yOu
.. sometimes yOu just have tO hOld yOur head up hiigh .. wipe away all yOur tears nd say yOur alriite ..
ii knOw nOw that ii meant absOlutely nOthing tO yOu ..
Do you know how it feels to want someone to blame, to find yourself alone when you`re in the greatest pain , to shed a river of tears at the mention of a name , to realize from that day foward things will never be the same ?
<<<~``iim `gunna `need `a `REALLY `big `band aid `to `heal `this `broken `<3 `of `mine``~>>>
~~Get out (LEAVE) right _now_
its the end of U AND ME
its too late (NOW)
for U to be GONE
and i KNOW
about HER (who?)
and i WONDER (WHY)
how i bought all those LIES
said that u would treat me RIGHT but u were just a WASTE of _**MY PRECIOUS**_ time
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