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Friends Are Forever
Boys Are Whatever
When Worst Comes To Worst
My Girls Cme First!
never fall too hard. too fast
A young and special girl
Would meet a special boy
Yet their families were enemies
Their feelings not to be explored

Yet their love was powerful
It could not be denied
Yet in the darkest corners
Is where they had to hide

In times of quiet darkness
Their love began to grow
But it never was accepted
They had no where to go

A love that was forbidden
In a time so long ago
Yet a love that was so strong
To the grave it was to go
SKYS . . . *REPlACE THiS dUll
L i F E W i t H Y 0 U

use it if you want <3
im tuggin at my hair, im pullin at my clothes
im tryin to keep my cool but i know it shows
im staring at my feet, my cheeks are turning red
im searching for the words inside my head
im feeling nervous, trying to be so perfect
cause i know your worth it
l.O.V.E. is giving him the ~ability~ 2 b/r/e/a/k ur -----» h e a r t «----- but trusting him enough not to. . .
Love, like a river, will cut a new path
whenever it meets an obstacle.

Love is like a mustard seed;
planted by God
and watered by men
BASKETBALL --live to play--play to live
to many people spend money they havent earned..to buy things they don't want..to impress people they don't like--Will Smith
late night t.v is educational..it teaches yu..yu shuda gone to bed earlier<3
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