Quotes added on Sunday, August 7 2005

i love u but i dont knoe y ?
why wen i c u i wanna cry?
why wen u ask me if i love u why do i wanna lie?
why wen u hold me i wanna die ?

y ? b.c ------>ur the only one that can love me right .
y ? b.c ------>b.c the nite'l be ova in a blink of an eye.
y ? b.c ------>b.c i want u to make me fall more in love.
y ? b.c ------>b.c ill never be far from u if i die on u .

idk boredd i guess....<3
like ur shoes sumtimess they can be quite comfortable but they can also be under u and make u walk all over people u really care about <|3
[]D []^ []E []V[] [] []E []^

The Both fell
But in the end
SHE ended up on her @$$
I sware, from the moon in the stars in the sky ill be there
For better for worse till death do us part ill love you forever you'll be in my hearts i sware..
a guy and his friends walk into a bar and they all see a beautiful woman. The mans friends dared him to go talk to her. All he could think of were pick up lines, so he went with that.
Guy::Hey baby, how do u like ur eggs in the morning ;)
Ross: im going to climb down you now..Do u want me to climb down ur front so were face to face, or do u want me to climb down ur back so were..butt to face
Joey:im thinking face to face works for me.
*Ross starts to climb down*
Joey:God ross how much do u weigh
Ross: i refuse to answer that right now im still carrying a little holiday weight.

Friends <33
she looks in the mirror but she doesnt see herself. all she sees is a little girl, standing there alone, staring into the blank world she used to live in. she moves closer to the mirror and she still doesnt see herself....she sees a broken girl, one who had a past, but lost it along the way. she sees a girl with no future ahead of her, a girl that has nothing to look foward to. she looks at the girl's eyes and they are blank, but she remembers the way they used to be, full of flame and excitement. she thinks to herself, and wonders what happened to the girl, what happened to herself.
(¨`•.•´¨) (¨`•.•´¨)
`•.¸.•´ B L A `•.¸.•´
*•:•* *•:•* *•:•* *•:•**•:

(¨`•.•´¨) (¨`•.•´¨)
`•.¸.•´ME "N" U `•.¸.•´
*•:•* *•:•* *•:•* *•:•**•:

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