Quotes added on Friday, August 12 2005

in the end the truth will * a l w a y s * come out
if u kno its not the truth - then its not the end yet

- bold * a l w a y s *
&& whEn heS nOt arOUNd thEREs sOmethiiNg..
missing from her smile __ xOx
"Only God can judge me"
*Near to the door*

*he paused to stand*

*as he took his class ring*

*off her hand*

*all who were watching*

*did not speak* *as a silent tear*

*ran down his cheek*

*and through his mind*

*the memories ran*

*of the moments they walked*

*and ran in the sand hand and hand*

*but now her eyes were so terrible cold*

*for he would never again*

*have her to hold*

*they watched in silence*

*as he bent near*

*and whispered the words..*

*""I LOVE YOU"" in her ear*

*he touched her face and started to cry*

*as he put on his ring and wanted to die*

*and just then the wind began to blow*

*as they lowered her casket*

*into the snow....*

*this is what happens*

*to man alive.....*

*when friends let friends....*

*drink and drive.* "

***Not taking Credit***
--He laughs at my dreams
but i dream about his laughter
as crazy as it seems hes the one im after--
all she really wants is somebody who will catch her when she falls, someone to realize her worth and hold her hand for no reason at all
i am who i am
&& your approval
is not required or
&&you're the only one who
can put the pink in my cheeks*
"Every story has an ending
but in life every ending
is just a new beginning"
-:-Uptown Girls-:-
the worst is over
you can have the best of me**
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