Quotes added on Sunday, August 14 2005

[[pushing forwards and arching back,]]
*x* brings me closer to heartattack *x*
away, when you come back, i have some-
thing to say, how does it feel to know
you'll never have to be alone, when U
get home, cuz there must be some place
here that only you & i could go. where
i could show you how i feel
im already there. take a look around - im the sunshine in ur hair im shadow on the ground - im the whisper in the wind and ill be there till the end - can you feel the love that we share oh im already there.
wiiT n'

\ \ / /
\ \/ /
/ \
/ /\ \
/ / \ \
ann 0o0o00oO0o0

ii aM 0ut liiKe wh0a...*

x 0 x o
Shann*(«*your name there n0t mine!)
i'dwaitforever. .
but through everything you still
gotta smile cause life will get ;;
better it might be stormy but it *
[ can`t rain forever]

it looks adroablethe i'd & forever look cute in impact when the wait is in palatino linotype.... and the rest of the writing is arial and the i in smile is bold, & so r the semi-colons!ooh. & it looks cute with a white bckround and blue & orange writing.
one day * ©
everyone will [ realize ] it `s
not about Being perfect x3
its all about » Being happy
Am I more than you bargained for
I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear
Cause that's just who I am this week
Lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum
I'm just a notch in your bedpost
But you're just a line in a song
[A notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song]

looks cute in lucida sans MS in size 8.
undeline anything && line.
make just bold

make lie & dying italic.

can you see me floating above your head, as you lay in bed thinking about everything that you did not do, cuz saying
"i love you" has nothing to do with meaning it. and i dont trust you because everytime your here your intentions are unclear. i spend every hour waiting for a phone call knowing you'll never call. you aint never coming back to me, and thats not how thing were supposed to be, you take my hand just to give it back. no other lover has every done that. and how long has it been since someone you let in has givin all that i gave to you, and at night when you sleep do you dream i would be there, just for a minute or two?
:: when i lost faith, you were there for me,
when i stumbled you were right there ::
cause we all need someone
that we can trust
its times like these
you learn to live again..
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