Quotes added on Tuesday, August 16 2005

| Your my drug baby |
| I cant resist you |
Why is it everytime i get close to someone we seem to drift farther and farther apart?
I am p r o u d cuz im cute
and im l o u d
and I got it goin o n!

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summer time is ending
and school is coming near
we get to see our friends
and start a whole new year

summer was all great and all
we all had lots of fun
now we have to be bored
the school year has begun

Now when we get back
and we get back in our click's
at least we can look forward to
Summer 2006
i`m scared because I don`t want anyone else
to have your heart. <3 I don`t want anyone
else to kiss your lips, I don`t want anyone
else to be in your arms. I don`t want anyone
but me to be the one youu love. i`m scared
because I don`t want anyone to take my place
it`s the hardest thing in the universe
to listen to the guy youu love talking
about the girl youu want to be.
I wrote my past in pen, so unfortunately it can't be erased.
but i can still put white out on it to help forget
looks grab your attention
but it's the personality
keeps you holding on
do you realize that when people say
"..you've changed.." it's only because
you stopped living life...their way
the happiest people dont have everything
they just make the best out of what they have
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