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it`s really [confusing]. when you don`t k n o w the real guy you`re in *love* with.
i'm gone i've said my goodbyes,
i guess i just got tired of all the lies
but i know in the back of my mind,
true love again i'll never find
i thought it would be the best thing to do,
but god already knew
he is gonna help me threw this horrible mess,
and make the pain less and less
and if you wonder, the spell i'm under

I gotta
s a e
h k
\\\\\\\it off....///////
You Played me like a fiddle
before I told you this riddle

Playas cheat
Playas lie
but then all da Playas die

use either one but they areboth true feelings about a break-up
***God made coke***God made pepsi***God made me so damn sexi***God made rivers***God made lakes***God made you***but we all make mistakes***
every nOw n then .. yOu wake up tO a day
that affects yOur whOle life .. its the day in
yOur life when yOu knOw yOu'll never be
the same again .. the day that changes the
way u think abOut everything n everyOne

_____****__________**** ______
___***____***____***__ *** ____
__***_____SHOWING______ ***___

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