Quotes added on Saturday, August 20 2005

Ever Wonder Why The Word 'Believe' Has The Word LIE In It?
"In Life, There Is No Such Thing As Cheat Note's"

- David Thorn Johsnon <3
Turn on channel seven at a quarter to eight
You see the same damn thing it's just a different day and
No one really knows why this is happening
But it's happening
And everywhere you go it's just a different place
You get the same dark feeling
See the same sad faces
No one really cares that this is happening
*likely to cheat*kiss some one u dont want to and maybe just find a new love*but when you do*you gotta do is make sure it is true*
let fate decide what happens...
not what you want to happen...
i dont wanna be something im not!
i wanna be me and nothing else!
so live life one step at a time!
not 15 steps ahead thats when you
start to trip start to fall and crall
and you don't know who you are you or
some one you don't know so don't trip!!
gimmie an I
gimmie an M

gimmie an A
gimmie an W
gimmie an A
gimmie an Y

whats that spell???????? im away! so leev me alone
if u've pushed a door n it said pull, copy n paste this into ur profile
it started off as best friends grew
into love nd ended in heart break <\3

line up <33
Don't ever frown because you never know who might be in love with your smile. :-)
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