Quotes added on Monday, August 22 2005

i never thought i would find someone as perfect as you.....
TOrN- b E t W e E n -TwO
wHiCh ONe WOUld U cHoOsE tHa oNE tHaT U LuV
oR ThA onE ThAt LuVz YoU? *
WitHouT yoU all i'm gOinG tO bE iS
lonely, i'm so lonely
i have nobody *
¢¾ to call my own
If i'm just gonna be another line in your book // cross me out
I give up on love
I always get my heart broken
It’s not worth it anymore
I used to think all guys were the same. Careless. Emotionless. Heartless. Then I met you.
You completely stole my heart,
i hope you wont let go;
i never really told you this...
but you had me at
*-_ -´¨`» hello <3
You can do whatever you like as long as you
remove one word from your vocabulary
;; I m P o S s I b L e ;;
Maybe isn`t a very good term;
maybe i could give upon you;
maybe i could stop.
move on with my life,
& maybe i can get over you;
but maybe you can fall in love with me
& maybe you can realize what you are in my eyes,
& maybe , just maybe you can love me too
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