Quotes added on Tuesday, August 23 2005

Men. Here's A Lesson In Love.

If u love her tell her.

When shes crying,
dont give her a "talk",
give her a shoulder

When shes upset,
dont yell,hold her

&when she starts to scream,
Tell her shes the most beautiful thing you've ever seen

&when she walks out and its over,
tell her you'll NEVER
stop waiting for her.
She looks in the mirror as she wipes away her running mascara and whispers...

I'm so stupid.
What I hate the most is sitting up all night, waiting for you to sign on.
And knowing you never will.
And even if you do...you'd never notice my screen name there among the others.
Your the love of my life, I'll never let you go
Somewhere in between, maybe I'll let you know.
It's hard to look up on your life when others look down on you.
Once upon a time, we were best friends, and,yes,there's been alot of bad stuff in between. but none of that matters right now. You need me, I'm there. Anytime, any place, anywhere.
A hott guy can open my eyes
A smart guy can open my mind
But only a sweet guy can open my heart.
When I say LOL it doesn't mean that I'm "Laughing Out Loud"...

It just means I have nothing else to say.
i gotta little keg of my own,
you can tap in any time!

i gotta little pooch on my stomach so...blah blah you get it.....
let me c ur 1 2 step
party hard
rock and roll
were the class you cnt control
girls are hott
boyz are fly
we're the best you can't deny
if ya dont wanna lose dont mess with shen
were the class of 2010!
^^pass it on class of 2010^^
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