Quotes added on Wednesday, August 24 2005

      U      U        SSSSS   M   M  EEEEEE L      L
      U      U       S       M  M  M E      L      L
      U      U        SSSS   M     M EEE    L      L
       U    U             S  M     M E      L      L

            TTTTTTT   AAAA   RRRRR      AAAA
               T     A    A  R    R    A    A
               T     AAAAAA  RRRRR     AAAAAA
               T    A      A R   R    A      A
               T    A      A R     R  A      A 
÷±‡± HëÄv€ñ WøÑt HãV m€ ñ H룣s Äf®Äi� i££ tÄk€ øVa ±‡±÷
..... .....
. . . .
. .. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
roses r red
vilets r blue
god made me beatiful
wat happened 2 u
rosesw r red
vilets r blue
when god gave brains
where the the hell were u
go away i dont lyk u any more plz dont hit me GOOD BYE

will u be ma friend
I never wanna close my eyes because im afraid ur gonna walk out on me I never wanna open my eyes to SEE you leave me
*~:..:~*i wrote your name in the sand*~:..:~*
((--))but it washed away*((--))
*~:..:~*i wrote your name on a peice of paper*~:..:~*
((--))but i threw it away*((--))
*~v~*~v~i wrote your name in my heart~v~*~v~*
;. ';';.;'';
;.I love you B.N.!
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