Quotes added on Thursday, August 25 2005

even though its benn so long
your still on my mind
but i'll never get you back
i've figured that all out in time ♥
i don't know what hurts more....
knowing you've moved on
realizing i still love you

--looks rly cute with the words hurts and still in bold hot pink and the rest in black--
i thought i was over you
i was sure of it
but then something happened
i saw you again and i realized it wasn't over yet
we both ignore eachother
and pretend we don't care
but i know deep down inside
we both know feelings are still there
how can i forget you when everything reminds me of you??
how can i move on when your all i think about??
how can i just leave the past behind when it is still apart of me??
my answer is it wasn't over and it still isn't over
it seems so strange how you say you've moved on and you hate me yet you never leave me alone...

-- yea it isn't that good but w/e.--
its amazing how to me you can be absolutely everything but to you i am nothing...
its like you can't even see me...
his is a poem i wrote called messed up...

confused i don't know what to do
my world is all in pieces
hiding feelings concealing thoughts
forgetting my real self
lonely days endless hoours
trying to figure this out
wondering where i went wrong
and what these feelings are about
thinking of the past
regretting some mistakes
realizing how i acted
and how i ruined everything
if i had just one chance
to change the past for good
i'd go start again
o how i wish i could
but i know thats a fantasy
and theres nothing i can do
except to try and move one and forget all aout you
its easy for me to fake it
to really play pretend
but deep inside its killing me
because we can only be friends
so as i write these words
i make a wish and pray
that maybe it will go back
and we'll be together someday
this is a poem i wrote...hope you like it

its kind of weird how
my feelings never change
these never ending emotions
are slowly driving me insane
i try so hard to let go
and leave the past behind
but theres no escape
no peace can i find
i used to think it was just a crush
and nothing more than that
but that fact that i'm still missing you
makes me wonder about that
as the days go on
i try my best to hide
all the feelings i have for you
i know that if i told you
nothing will it change
wou will never love me
everything will stay the same
as i sit here and hold on
to what we never had
it gives me hope throughout the say
but mostly makes me sad
cuz it doesn't matter
how much i really care
i know its just a dream qhen i thought that you'd be there
for me in times of trouble
for me when i'm in need
i wish that you could see
that you are all i need
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