Quotes added on Friday, August 26 2005

&& she told you she l o v e d you
~> ii lOvE YoOh <~
mOrE dEn nEoNe ElSe
YoUr MaH *OnLy OnE*
nD Da WuN - ii lOvE -
--> ii LoVe YoOh <--
nD nO OnE ElSe
ThAtS HoW iiTsz GoNnA
Be nD HoW iiTsz
AlWaYsZ GoNnA StAy
..Friendsz FoReVeR..
* Ma gUrLsz nD MeH *
ToGeThEr FoReVeR
- LeT uS Be -
<> YoOh nD MeH <>
* ToGeThEr nD FoReVeR *
- We aRe GoNnA bE -
looking up straight up to the sun
he`ll tell you he`ll be the one
he`ll be everything you need tonight
he`s got that look in his eye xO0
another day gone by,
without you by my side
and i wonder how much longer?
but the pain keeps growing stronger
and every time i close my eyes,
i die a little each time
without your touch,
how i miss you so much
and i cant go on like this,
just one last kiss? <3

chyeah i wrote that myself =)
she was the kind
of ( [ girl ] )
who a l w a y s
f.e.l.l in ((love))
with the _wrong_
person,and nEVEr
seemed to be
able to get o u t
of it </3
I ((can't)) keep up,
and I ((can't))
back d
n </3
all of the things
the I wanna say
just arn't coming
out right </3
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