Quotes added on Sunday, August 28 2005

I wish i could have just one more kiss and one more hug. I wish we could just sit under that tree in the park one last time, talking as i feel your heart beat. I wish we could have just one last stupid little argument over who loves who more, but most of all i wish that i could look deep into your eyes for one minute more befor we have to say goodbye.
once the stone your crawling under, once the cloud thats raining over your head dissapears, the noise that you'll hear is the the crashing down of hollow years
When I'm around Cubby i can't stop smilein cuz i no that i got the guy everyone wants
I <3 Cubby
ok why do ppl diss softball and cheerleading ya cheerleading is hard but so is softball trust me i no i have done both but i think cheerleading is a physical sport just not a physical as softball no offence
And I finally realized what life is
all about .. it's holding on when
your heart's had enough .. it's giving
more when you feel like giving up
When yOu lOve sOmeOne
theres nOthing yOu can dO
yOu cant cOntrOl yOuR heart
It cOntrOls yOu
you are like a sunset to me
you're all kinds of beautiful
as you end my day
¢¾You don't even know that you're tearing out my heart and shattering it into a million pieces.
WANTED: a boyfriend who's commited
i'm sorry i'm not what you want </3
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