Quotes added on Tuesday, August 30 2005

friend: why do you like him so much?
me: if i explained it to you, you'd like him to.
you say you aren't good for me .. that is not true bcuz you are perfect</3
You had me.... you lost me... but thats what you think....
the truth is.. In my heart is where you'll stay forever.. just beacause we're not together.. that wont stop me from dreaming, wishing, hope'n, pray'n... that we can be together again one day....
him: you need to eat.
me: why? i do eat.
him: no you don't. if you don't eat then i won't eat and we'll be sick together.

(this really did happen and i thought it was sooo sweet, except it was a little weird .. lol)
it WiLl NeVeR Be ThE sAmE aS iT wAs .. It Is aLwAYs GoNnA be DIfFeRenT
i CaN't WaiT fOrEvEr fOr YoU EveN tHoUgH YoU aNd I AnD eVeRYoNe eLsE kNoWs I WiLl
AlL i WaNt Is YoU .. bCuZ I cAn't HaVe YoU, i WaNt YoU eVeN MoRe ..
I wonder if Heaven gotta ghetto?
I wonder if Heaven gotta ghetto?
feels so good
lovin somebody
when somebody loves u back
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