Quotes added on Tuesday, August 30 2005

back to school
back to school
to prove to dad that im not a fool
i got my lunch all packed
my boots tied tight
i hope i dont get in a fight

hAhA BiLlY MaDiSOn* So fuNNy lOl
i cant believe summer is over i dOnt
think im ready to start highschool lol
but i guess we gota start sOmetime
i thought maybe i could just forget
aBout everything i liKeD abOut you
cuz the truth is i cant take the truth

lovin xxxx
I hate u for making me fall in love
and theres nothing i can do about it
so blue about it
dont wanna be in love
lOve is nOt tHe wAy it iS
[ [ i n t h e m O v i e s ] ]
-Alexis BleDel-
itS aLL meSSEd up tiMiNg
but i gueSs you just gotta
lEarn to move on & forgEt
bOut it <|3 EveN if it hurtS
there`s this one guy I can`'t get
outta my head, heS all ive been
thinKing abOut <|3 `Nd wHat if i
i tOld u that YOU were the Guy
l O v i N G * x O X O
its that gangsta lovin
that juss got me buggin
been thinkin bout our situation
its not wat i want
if u cant get wat ur givin
u got to be movin on
its like ten thousand spoons
when all u need is a knife
its like meeting the man of ur dreams
then meeting his BeAuTiFuL wife :-/
and every time we have a fight...
u find some way to sweet talk ur way out of it...
God i hate loving u
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