Quotes added on Monday, September 5 2005

Love is what you make of it... dont let it make you
let me let you go
some times i wish life was like never land n we didnt have to grow up
my heart tells me to never let go
my mind already said bye

i love you sorry
i feel different wen im around u all relaxed n enjoyable n i get a fuzzy feeling in my heart n every1 knos we love each other

my exboyfriend said that to me!
i got to do whats best for me
another sleepless night
thinking of you n how im
not her**
baby i know you love me
but i want you to be
IN love with me ©
a true friend is there for you
when you wanna be alone
a true friend is there for you
when u dont think ur gunna make it through

i love you carissa!!! haha
My BoYfRiEnd ThInkS i'M StuDyiNg©
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