Quotes added on Tuesday, September 6 2005

&&lookin at ur picture
from when we first met
u gave me a smile that
ii could never forget*
and nothin ii could do
Could protec me from u

Backstreet Boys<3
dont chang a thing
ure perfect as u are
time has a way w. me
time is all iive got

i still love you
So close no matter how<-___->far
Couldnt be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters
(eb lg rs av mm lr sc)) stay true<3
and you broke my heart a yr ago..do u ever think about it>/333
If only you were homework;cause I'd be doing you lying down on my bed right now!
Once your heart breaks,It turns into one of those sleepless nights.You can't stop thinking about them and then it hits you...it's over,he's moved on and you should too.
Chillin Like A Villian
My friends are the ones that keep me strong;
In tough times and when I just need a shoulder to lean on;
They're the best when it comes to being everything in a friend.Thanks for being there for me.i x3 you all.

(Initials or names here)
"no matter what happens,
we will `always love eachother as
friends&sisters" - Destiny`s Child"
ok girls..we always say how much we hate drama, i mean who doesnt?but if we all hate it so much then y do we always start it or have it?,seriously, if we all tried not to be b*tchy to eachother then there would b alot less. So next time you think about talkng bad about someone or being a b*tch, just remeber the only way to make drama stop, starts with you!
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