Quotes added on Wednesday, September 7 2005

I'm might mean the world to you...

but to someone who sees me on the street thinks I'm nothing

hold on and never think nothing of me b.c I love u

do u kno da differents between girls soccer n boys soccer girls make it look good
i lost ma fone number can i have urs
leave a message and i will get bak 2 and if i dont maby dat jst means i dont like u
i nEvEr uNdErsToOd wHy i lOvEd hIm uNtIl ..
oNe dAy hE wAsNt iN cLaSs sAvInG mE a sEaT *
iTs wHeN yOu aRe wItH tHe gUy eVeRyOnE wAnTs
&& yOu wAnT tHe oNe nObOdY cArEs aBoUt <3
Baby your all that i want<3
when ur lyin here im my arms<3
finding it hard to belive we're in heaven<3
love is all that need and found it there in ur <3
isnt to hard to see we're in heaven<3

i love you boy<3 mean the word to me
once in ur life ull find someone.
who will turn ur world around.
pick u up when ur feelng down now.
nothing can change wut u mean to me.
theres alot that i can say
but just hold me now..cause our love will light the way<3
~*~If I aM sUpPoSeD tO bE oVer YoU, tHeN hOw CoMe I kEeP TrIpPiNg????~*~
never let anyone tell you ur not the best because you are the best you can be
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