Quotes added on Thursday, September 8 2005

From day one I talked about getting out
But not forgetting about
How all my worst fears are letting out
He said why put a new address on the same old lonliness
When breathing just passes the time
Until we all just get old and die
Now talking's just a waste of breath
And living's just a waste of death
And why put a new address on the same old lonliness
And this is you and me and me and you until we've got nothing left!
FOB-get busy living or get busy dying(or do ur part 2)
I've BeEn Cl0sE too LOVE BuT I'Ve NevEr FALLEN F0r it...
Sometimes,I wish i never loved you...i wish i didnt care.
ur like mcdonalds...I love'n it!

its corney i know but w/e
And I keep my jealousy close,
'Cause it's all mine.
And if you say this makes you happy,
Then i'm not the only one lying.
FOB- nobody puts a baby in the corner
Who wants to be [OrdinaRy]
in a craaaZy, MiixXed up wOrld..?
I'd burn this city down
to show you the light <3

-Fall Out Boy
if you say i love you
make sure you mean it
dont just say it
because you think they wanna hear it
cause if those words are a lie
whoever u sed it to will be chokin
many hearts have been broken
because those words have been spoken

she thinks she dont love him..
but everyone can she she does
its a mystery
L0VE is when y0u try n0t t0 L0VE them ..
but y0u d0 anyway <3
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