Quotes added on Saturday, September 10 2005

maybe it will end when the tears fall from my eyes
and maybe you will never fade in the image of deguise
i don't know if i'll be coming back and i don't know what the future holds
but soon we will all find out once it all unfolds
No guy is worth your tears and when you find the one who is, he wont make you cry. But what happens when the only guy that won;t make you cry, you want to cry for?
Why do I cry when I know you don't care...?
Why do I love you when I know that you don't love me back...?
Why do I care about yuo when you could care less about me...?

I/m me at Playbabii223xox
"Six Months"

It's been six months since the last time I felt your'e touch
You made living worth while
You always made me smile
But six months ago today
You said "Good-Bye"
And walked away...

100% Mine

**This was written on 3/21/05 now its actually been a year since he's left me**
**Bling bling witta g-string
~diced~ game and ~iced~ chains
this playboy bunni
is [o.u.t.t.a] your prive range
$ P.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s. $
I'm [every] girls idol
*mad hoes want my title
*my sexy moves*
*my [b.l.o.n.d.e] hair
*makin all the guys stop -n- stare*
*lips so ((delicious))*
*OoOo my bodys just b.o.o.t.y.l.i.c.i.o.u.s
Im waiting for TRUE love...

Make True in bold.
Hi! This is my away message. You can:
a.) Leave a message,
b.) Write me an e-mail, or
c.) Rip off all your clothes and run around the block naked yelling "BOOGA! BOOGA! BOOGA!"
While this may not help you get a message to me any sooner, you will quickly meet some very nice, understanding people in white coats who will be happy to listen to you.
It's unbelievable but I believed you
Unforgivable but I forgave you
Insane what love can do
That keeps me coming back to you
You're irreplaceable but I'll replace you
Now I'm standing on my own
*.::people turn 2 u bcuz u give voice 2 dreams, notic little things nd make otherwise impossible imaginings appear real. u are a rare bird who thinks the world is beautiful enough 2 try 2 figure it out, who has the courage to dive into ur wild mind nd go swimming there. u are sum1 who still believes in cloud watching, people watching, daydreaming, tomorrow, favorite colors, silver clouds, dandelions, nd sorrow. b sacred. b cool. b wild. go far. words do more thn plant miracle seeds. wit u writing them, they can change the world::.*
she`s so good at pretending <3
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