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wondering why
i [l o v e] you<33
iluvyou n a m e*
her insecurities && fears might seem
so small and stupid to you but to her there not
believe me when i say its all that shes got
Its really weird to think of you as my boyfriend..
I never thought in a million years you'd like me
And you probably thought i woulnd't ever like you.
im glad we're together.. cuz im so happy with you

~made it~
My best friend..
we always get in trouble together
we always have fun
we always laugh
so many good inside jokes
we can say something completely stupid and we still get it
people always think were sisters
we have faced good and bad together

~:: Her name here ::~
ok seriously i am so sick of cheerleaders saying "ooo dont hate us ooo dont judge us" listen everyone is saying mean things about cheerleaders obvioulsy cuz they have had bad things happen with cheerleaders but i dont really care. The only thing that bothers me about cheerleader is that they say they r better then everyone else which is a LIE cuz if there wasnt football or volleyball ot basketball or baseball and all those other sports u wouldnt do anything! and i other sports u have to work hard but to cheer u just have to be blonde cute and skinny.
i've got skittles in my mouth..wanna taste the rainbow?!?
*hug*     *hug*  *hug*         *hug*    
*hug*     *hug*  *hug*         *hug*    *hug*
*hug*     *hug*  *hug*         *hug* *hug* *hug*
*hug*     *hug*  *hug*         *hug**hug*
*hug**hug**hug*  *hug*         *hug**hug*
*hug**hug**hug*  *hug*         *hug**hug*
*hug**hug**hug*  *hug*         *hug**hug*
*hug*     *hug*  *hug*         *hug* *hug*   ****hug*
*hug*     *hug*   *hug*       *hug*   *hug*     *hug*      
*hug*     *hug*    *hug*     *hug*     *hug*   *hug*
*hug*     *hug*      *hug*  *hug*        *hug* *hug*
                        *hug*             *hug**hug*

that says hug

.*. I have now fallen
.*. Upon the ground
.*. Because I have
.*. Lost my wings..
.*. My heart
.*. And my everything
Girl: tell me a lie
Boy: that doesn't seem right, no I won't do it
Girl: p l e a s e.. I want to to know if u don't love me
Boy: u want to hear a lie..fine
Boy: I don't love you, you do not mean the world to me, I think u r the ugliest girl I have ever seen, and i don't need, or want you at ALL!!!!!!!!!!
Girl: so you do love me
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