Quotes added on Thursday, September 15 2005

&& she can't understand how
everyone goes on breathing
when ¢¾ true love ends
»dreamin on dreams
»wishin on wishes
that you would be back again
when i`m with you
the only place i want to be
is closer
heartbreak is a headache.
her heart is broken
shes lyin there
her thoughts are chokin
on you my dear<3
not knowin wut we could of been
what we should of been
is what hurts the most.
all i want is
¢¾one chance
¢¾one nite
¢¾one kiss
to show you how much
yu really mean to me
»forgettin you is the hardest thing to do«

°see the ¤stars and how they shine for you°

& heres my heart she said
take it.
here i am again talking to myself sittin at a red light.
both hands on the wheel how am i supposed to feel.
so much running through my mind..

its so hard to let you in,
thinking you might slam the breaks..again.

you told me that you loved me first.
then threw your heart into reverse.

--Hilary Duff
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