Quotes added on Monday, September 19 2005

faded away like the color in a
..blue sky at the end of the day
i was so close to being over you
i didnt talk to you for 5 weeks
but then you said sorry
i guess my defense is just too weak
you say youve changed...
in what way?
you seem the same
lies are still all you say
i walked away...

but then i came runnin back
| |
| |
| | *^^^^^^^^^^*
|______| --------}}}}}}}}
| |
| |
| |

its a, yeah i dunno
At tiimes i just wish i could go
blind for that very second;; just
so i wont have to see you with her

</3 neSsy BaBii*
[hershey kisZ]
I want us to last - even
through the rain and the
stormiest weather <3 ilu!
-neSsy babi *!!
A tru friend is the one who can
see thru your eyeswhen everyone
else is fOoled by the lies - xo
-its just one of those thinqs
thats a breath takin` moment
LiiVeD uNlesSs yOou
fOuND somEOne wOrTh
DYiinG fOR -->> xOx
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