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$ ii LyKe ThE WaY U Lo0k aT Me I LyKe ThE tIme$ We SpENd BaBy ii LyKe WaT We HavE gRowN 2 Be....I LyKe yEaAa DonT yA Kno I LykE It.......$

lilsammy (( to my baby danny))
when u were born u were crying and everyone else around u was smiling live ur life so that when u die everyone is cring and u r smiling
~** i miss those summer nights...
those hugs n kisses so tight...
late night fone calls, stayin up late...
with you i feel so great....
memories stay, wish there were more...
but i will always love you, ferever more...**~

made by 100% me IM me if ya want xoirishchyckox
Don't let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve what you want. -Ten Things I Hate About You-
You are what I never knew I always wanted. -Fools Rush In-
So why dont you stay with me
share all your secrets tonight
We can make believe
the morning sun never will rise
Come and lay your head
on this big brass bed
We'll be alright as long as you stay with me..©

"Stay With Me" -Gary Allen-

©..put in symbol!
Math notes:
Me + You =©

Again..©=put in symbol for a heart! :)
wEe q0 thRouqH 0uR bad timez && 0uR qo0d .. '&& as manY timEez
as i said i hatEed y0u i`m supris3d y0u stayed ar0und but i kn0w
wEen we kiSs everythinq is '&& will remain just finEe.
wen we'rEe t0qetheR everythinq is just -> PERFECT
n0thinq matteRs but y0u && i , && when y0u kiss me
i kn0w we'rEe meant && g0inq t0 always be -> T0GETHER
when i looked into your eyes i new it would all be alright i new i was safe but i also new that you were the one i wanted 2 be w/ the rest of my life!!!
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