Quotes added on Thursday, September 22 2005

&& i do fuckinq love -» you* ..
0ur lo0ks havEe chanqEed but we'rEe still tha samEe . .
i`m still the gurl that's in lovEe w/ you . .
&& y0u'rEe still the guy that's in lovEe w/ hEer . .
iit's iin the way yOoh lOoked at meh . .
&& the way yOoh tOuched meh . .
&& i was just wOnderiinq . .
dO yOoh tOuch her the same way yOoh diid me ?

ii`m sO heart brOken' . .
yOu've heart me w/ every wOrd yOu've spOken' . .
sO baby plz dOn't tell me anythiinq else . .
yOur breaking mah heart iin twO . .
- ii`m sOrry ii ever lOved yOoh . .
Id -l i e- for you
-c r y- for you
hold my breath *n*
-d i e- for you
cause nothin lasts forever
and we Both know Hearts
Can Change & it`s hard to
Hold a candle in the Cold
[[ NovememBer Rain ]]
so wear me like a loCket
i`lL weiqh you Down i`lL
watCh you Choke you `
l00K S0 GO0D iiN BlUE
Just another sad broken hearted little girl. </3
When life is at its worst i look
into his eyes and everythings okay <3
trying so hard to move on but once you
fall in love its so hard to fall out </3
I fell in love with you the day
you spilled your heart to me x3
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