Quotes added on Friday, September 23 2005

he hAsZ thE smiiLe ii fEeL iin l0Ve wiTh & thE a r m s ''
ii wAnt t0o bE wRaPpEd ar0uNd iiN [( F0REVER )]
Well, what am i supposed to think?
were like tha king and queen of mixed signals.
One day we cant stand eachother
  the next day we cant get enough.
yOu'd really be suprised
hOw much you can actually
care fOr sOmeOne but yet
still hate them as much
its amazing how different your world would be if you never met the one person who changed everything *.' ©©©
She reads the entire dictionary& not one word can describe how she feels.
YoU kNoW yOu LoVe Is WhEn YoU cRy YoUrSeLf To SlEep CuZ hE iS iN lOvE wItH yOuR bEsT fRiEnD!!
how do i put it like this?
i like you again!!!!
but the only problem is is HER...
would you stay wit her...
or would you break up wit her?
would you start goin out wit me...
or not....
if you did...
would you keep our realationship a secret??
or would everyone no??
that what i wanna no....
do you believe in what everyone else says bout me...
or would you take the rumors to be not true...
do you care more bout your reputation?
or do you care more bout me?
i no if i wuz you
i'd go for the girl...
ever fall for the right guy at the wrong time?? has that guy ever been ur ex's twin brother??
i'm gonna be nothin but ur best friend...i'm not allowed to be anything else...
yOu can loOk but yOu canT tOuch iit
If yOu tOuch iit I’ma staRt sOme draMa
yOu dOn’t waNt nO draMa
No, nO draMa, nO nO nO nO draMa
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