Quotes added on Saturday, September 24 2005

do you know what it feels like to try and paint your -»» p.e.r.s.o.n..a.l.i.t.y ..
yet be more thaN just a liddle dissapointed when you realize the colors arnt ugly enough
you say you love me ? then why are you ashamed ?
you tell me its not my fault -- im not the one to blame .
u think u kno wat im goin through nd u kno wats right
try taking a walk in my shoes.. spend just one night..'
inthishousethati'callmyhome-inthisroom i callmyown..
try cutting ur skin with any sharp object you can find
try being told that your completly out of your mind ..
and the only reason you cut is to feel alive .. `
bcuz its a soul you dont have aNd feelin`s you strive
i`m not depressed; i just hate e v e r y t h i N g.
i`m not a horrible person; i just let everyone down.
i`m not an outcast ; everyOne just hates me.
i`m not in love; i just constantly think Of him.
i`m not a cutter; i juSt have to slice my wrists.
i`m not a mistake; i`m juSt not supposed to b here.
i`m not suicidal; i just waNt to die.
she cuts her wrists and closes her eyes
at thiS point -- time flys by
theRes nothing more tHaT yOu CaN dO
sHe chOse HeR faTe heR liFe iS ThrOugh
`the pain the cuts the faded scars
no one thought she`d take it this far '--»
even the people who knew she cut ..
they didn`t care - they had loSt her trust
wHen heR bestfriend had tOLd this girl
who`s tight cloths make you waNt to hurl
a fight broke loose-she lost all her friends
she didnt believe there was aNother way
-- to her this was the eNd .. xOo oOx
when u hit rockbotTem - whaTs the point iN gOing up again ` ?
so you can geT hiGher thaN u were then hiT harDer than u diD
the time before? i buiLd myself up just to let myself dOwn`.. so
if i stay were i am aNd dont change .. i Cant falL again .. i canT
hurT wOrse than i dO..`and yOu couLldn`t haVe maDe hiT any
harder thaN i did
'the sun through the shades
LighTy caResSed mY eYes'
but just enough to remind me
even though u kill me .. i can
still survive ..
AlL u BoYs WhO tHiNk Ur *FiNe
TaKe A # N gEt In LiNe
Lacrosse is made up of three things

My blood
My sweat
You tears

Lax is life -----<#)

if u have a prob with lacrosse im me at ilaxd023
If YoU wAnT tO bE a FlIrT ...

LiFt YoUr SkIrT!
The problem is that..
I used to have a boyfriend
I used to love him (still might do!)
He has a girlfriend
He loves her
She loves him
She is pretty
I can't believe him
I can't love him
He loves me now
what should I do
Say yes or no
Or I do
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