Quotes added on Friday, September 30 2005

kissing you a winter evening
i dont the stregnth so say
goodbye sat around and drank
all day knowing that tomorrow
ill be gone cause im so in
love with you..
kissing you a winter morning
thinking back to how it felt last night
i love you seems to hold its meaning
even though they`re just words
afterall these words seem to mean
And this is all i need you and me.....
His opinon is the only one that matters, and his vote is the only one that counts. He is the only you look for walking down the hall way, and the the one that you slow down, or speed up to just to walk together. Yeah he is THE one.
its like i dont even know you anymore
it's like you dont even care anymore </3
♥ she looks back on what she had, and wonders [[WHAT SHE DiD WR0NG]]

credit taken but use iit <3
Thiinkiing back on all the good times we had,when we looked int oeachother eyes and got those butterflies, how we cud talk for hours, but now we dnt even look in the same direction and a *HELL00* is outt of the question

use iit kiddies ♥
best frineds have the same retarted guy obsessed minds [♥]

haha lol- my friend said that to me once!!!
&& wiith one look of you my breath is taken awawy ♥]
withh just 0ne hello ii dnt kno wut to say ♥]
baby ii guess my l0ve for you will never fade [♥]

all me!!! use iit if yu want!!!
If I had one we would be best friends
Love will never end
It would just begin
If I had one wish you would be my boo
Promise to love you
Trust me I'll trust you
If I had one wish We would run away
Making love all day
Have us a baby
If I had one wish I'd make you my whole life
Can you be my wife?
Make it right this time If i had one wish

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