Quotes added on Monday, October 3 2005

dribble dribble shoot shoot all the 2 the
(( hoopity hoop ))
Its like i hate you
and i love you like
I wonna push you off
a cliff and run to *
the bottom and catch
y o u
If you hate me too*
bad cause this aint
BurgerKing --> you`
cant have it ur way
Even when life gets too
`serious you still have
to have that one person
`you can be stupid with

serious stupid - italics
still person - underline
I am currently out to find a cure for this disease. Its called boredom. Ever heard of it?
`Never let someone tell you*`
the skys the limit when there
are footprints on the moon <3
`People ask me what do
you see in him I just`
`smile and whiseper if
i told you, youd fall`
`in love with him too.
`*You asked what was
wrong and i said nothin
`then u turned arOund
as a tear fell down my
*cheek & whispered --
- - - - - »» everything
WhEn YoUr WiTh yOuR [uNcOoL] fRaNdS
wE *lAuGh* AnD *tAlK*
bUt WhEn YeW aRe WiTh YoUr [CoOl] FrAnDs
YeW pReTeNd LiKe YeW dOnT kNoW [me]
ii SaY hEy To YeW …
yEw JuSs LoOk At Me LiKe Im CrAzY
i WiSh YeW wOuLd JuSs WaKe Up …
AnD tAlK tO yOuR rEaL fRaNd .. [me]
BuT yEw WoUlDnT … sO nOw WhEn YeW tAlK tO [me]
wHeN iM wItH mUh FrAnDs I LoOk aT yEw LiKe YoUr CrAzII
JuSs LiKe YeW dId To [me]
..i kNoW tHAt yoU nEED hiM i cAN tELL bY tHE looK oN YoU fACE wHEN yoU sEE hiM tHAt yoU still cARE .. I kNoW {somewhere} iN your hEARt yoU wiSH hE wAs tHERE..
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