Quotes added on Thursday, October 6 2005

she's beautiful as usual with bruises on her ego and
the killer instinct tells her to be aware of evil men
IM Jus a REminda OF WHAt YOu CAnt HAVe <3
Let me be the o.n.e to share YOUr hopes and d\r\e\a\m\s
YOU'll never be a|l|o|n|e again, cuz' I will hold =YOU= endlessly Please don't be (afraid) to let your </3broken\/heart</3 guide YOU Into these *open* arms that long to surround YOU,

kleetomlin09074 x3
Baby the clock on the wall is lying...
its not really that late
its too cold outside to be walking around the streets of this town
and whereever you think you have to be can wait

why dont you stay with me
share all your secrets tonight
we can make believe
the morning sun never will rise
wont you lay your head on this big brass bed
and we'll be alright as long as you stay with me*
·.¸ )
*If I wAsN*t AfRaId Of WaT WoUlD HaPpEn AfTeR...
i*D gRaB, tAkE u In My ArMs, -N- kIsS u!!!*
*dedicated* `·.·´
·.¸ )

I see the qute on here b4 thought it was cute. I added the pictures tho. Ues it if u like (:
~WhEn I hEaR ((uR nAmE))... i CaN*t HeLp BuT (((*SMILE*)))~

(¨`·.·´¨) (¨`·.·´¨)

100% ME that happens to me all the time! I luv him so much, he just makes my day!!
the sexiest thing he could wear
is the lipgloss off my lips
If you take a look inside a girls
h e a r t ;
you'd see how much she really
c r i e s ;
you'll find secrets hidden, best of friends,
& l i e s ;
but what you'll see the most is how hard it is
t o s t a y s t r o n g ;
when everything is
g o i n g w r o n g ...
if this isn't love..
it's the closest i've ever been <33
There's a good and bad in everybody
I'm just more upfront about it
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