Quotes added on Friday, October 7 2005

~WiTh AlL ThE LaUgHs We'Ve ShArEd~
*AlL ThE TeArS We'Ve WoRkEd ThRoUgH*
~AlL ThE LaTe NiGhT SoUtH PaRk-A-ThOnS~
*YoU NoW hAtE Me FoR a MiStAkE*
~I LoVe YoU So MuCh ThAt WiTh My LaSt BrEaTh~
*I'd SaY I'm SoRrY FoR BeInG In YoUr LiFe*

^^100% so me^^
************as soon************
<><><><><><as he says<><><><><>
~~~~~~~<3"I Love You"<3~~~~~~~~~
</3He said he "LoveD Me"</3
</3I belived IT was True</3
</3Next thing i Know</3
</3He is With YOU</3
<3LOVE<3- (Luv) n.
Beautiful; natural;painful
Never jelouse;always honest and truthful;
Thoughtful;reasonable;unusual and hard to find;
Love is always in your heart and mind.
I'm with him
and not with you
you broke my heart
and it was true
i thought i was over you
but the sad thing is
when ever i see him
i think of you
jj: he is so F***ing Ugly!
AA:did you say he looks like brookly?
~~~juss got of from fainting~~~
JJ:omfg are you ok?
AA:yea im fine!
JJ:i couldnt remeber the # for 911!
JJ:i Know that but whats the phone #?

Brunette: u know you love him
Blondie: he is ur man! my love for him is like kindergarten and rocket science!
Blondie: Wait a minute whats Rocket Science?
Been there rocked that..©©


BEEN THERE and THAT are in Georgia font (turquoise)

ROCKED is in times new roman, and italics (black)

the periods are Georgia (grey)

and the ©© are in symbol (turquoise)[they will make hearts]
some girls were just born with g l i t t e r in their veins
its kinda funny how the one person i hate more than life..
is the same person im [still] in love with.. <3
go on just say it ; you need me like a bad h a b i t
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