Quotes added on Sunday, October 9 2005

i know i dont have the ..::prettiest::.. face for you to look
at or the (¯`× skinniest waste for you to hOld but i promise
i do have the biggest heart to love you with' Kevin 9|30|05 !!
you just have to go after what you want .. and if
it doesnt want you back then so be it - it doesnt
deserve you anyways -»[ N i C o l e . R i C h i e ]
i'm not afraid of dying but i am afraid of losing you...
Been There..
Rocked That
Love is when u miss him
even before he leaves when you
could listen to hiim talk all night and
never get tired of hearing his voice
when the sound of his name
sends chillsdown your spine and you see his smile
the second you
close your eyes
look at her - as perfect
as can be. but it`s not
so perfect on the inside
as you cannot see. she
wants to get rid of the
hurt and lies. she wants
you to see behind this
[ p e r f e c t d i s g u i s e ]
all i need right now is for you to wrap me up in your arms
look me in the eyes & tell me you won`t ever give up ©
it's not about the amount of friends you have :;
it's about how many you trust
its not like things were right before but
they weren`t as wrong as they are now
&& ii belive in romancee
kissing while we slowdance<3
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