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3 Very Lame Pick-up lines

1) Guy-This watch is magic, it tells me what is going to happen
Girl-What is it telling you now?
Guy-It's telling me that you're wearing no underwear
Girl-Well that's a lie because i am
Guy- O, it seems to be an hour fast

2) If i could rearrange the alphabet ;; i'd put U and I together

3) I lost my number, can i have yours?
the only guy whos [worth] it
is the guy who
u 4 u

<33 ur boyfriends or crushes name here <33
guys (c)(o)(m)(e) + guys (g)(o) but we'll be friends ((forever))
Im NoT CrAzY
iM iN lOvE x3
Im NoT CrAzY
iM iN lOvE x3
its y i get up every morning x33
.·:º¨¨?:·.AnYtHinG bUt.·:?¨¨º:·..
º S º T º U º P º I º D º
.•:*[W] [E] [L] [C] [O] [M] [E]*:•.
.•* [g][r][a][c][e][s] *
WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(¨`·.·´¨) (¨`·.·´¨)
.(_.^._).I lOvE vOllEyBaLL
BaSkEtBaLl is LiFe

<--- my anti drug
train all year
o o o o o o o
through pain and tears
o o o o o o o o o o o o
o o o
its what i live for
o o o o o o o o o o
i will stop loving you when ...
the sun wont shine and everthing
loses it color when the snow is`
purple and raing is pink when ..
2+2 wont equal 4 and when angles
have no wings / when flower wont
bloom nd thunder wont ecko nd '
its about -10 in july and 105' in
december. when the wind blows hard
the tress wont saw in the breez nd
when dimonds lose there sparkle ..
thats when i will stop loving you`
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