Quotes added on Sunday, October 9 2005

i think about him every day
and dream about thim every night
and more than anything i just
want him to like me.
people change and things go wrong
but just remember life goes on
its worse to see the guy you love talking to your best friend than making out with your worst enemy
Best memories
Best times
Best friends
I should of never lost you
You were my everything
Now, its all about her
Please dont tell me its over
I still love you...always<3

looks good in times roman size 10..use strikeout on "her"
God made mud God made dirt God made boys so girls could flirt
Long hair that's never tidy, scratches and bruises all over, cocky, overconfident smile, daredevil, never lets a failure put him down, determined eyes that make me melt, obsessions over getting something right, taking me to competitions, trying to impress me with tricks----Skater boys are the best<3
ii want every girl 2 be jealous of me... and every guy 2 be like DaMn ThAt B*tcH is FyNe!!
-my super sweet 16

♥ Sen
life isnt like a computer u cant delete then things you did by accident...

♥ Sen
Is Y0uR MaN 0n ThE Fl00r if He aiNt LemmE kn0w.. LemmE sEe If Y0u CaN rUn It gUrl inDeeD i CaN RuN It..
Run it-Chris Brown '
♥ Sen
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