Quotes added on Monday, October 10 2005

what messes us up the most is that we all
have this |[` p E r F e C t ']| picture in our
minds of how things |[` S h O u L d ']| be. <3
now you like me .. now
when im finally over u
,, you start talking 2
me again .. im so madd
at you but u no what .
i never said i hate yu
friends are the one who are always nice
but best friends just tell the truth <3
things just aren't like
how the used to be * it
just isn't the same w/o
you here with us *daddy
r.i.p <3 i miss you

dont ever take anything
for granted*matt brown
r.i.p we miss you <3

you are the only reason why
i keep smiling when things
aren't going my way <3 143
but when it comes down
to 'him' all those words
just seem to fade away <3
bffl-its just a saying but
the real friends give it a
whole new meaning ! ukwur
Goodbye, my love, I will forever love you.
Shh, don't speak. Let's listen to our hearts beat.
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