Quotes added on Tuesday, October 11 2005

im sry i said yes when i meant no
im sry we're not friends ne more
im sry u hate that, im over you
im sry that i am over you
im sry that everything is changing
im sry that i still care for you
im sry that i like someone else...
im sry...but i wish we could still be friends...
You know,
You`re the reason why i get up at 5:30 every morning,
And sit there and straighten my hair for an hour everyday,
And do my make-up over and over until it`s perfect,
And why i sit there and try on 50 outfits until i find the right one,
And i do this all...just to impress you x3

So dedicated to my boy, Chris! I love you Baby...And you do damn straight know that i do, do all this just for you baby!
Camren- You know, i've always wanted to go up to a stuck-up girl and squirt ketcup on her white shirt.
Me-You NEVER do that to me!
Camren-Are you stuck-up?
Camren-Okay then.
Me-I'm perfect.
Chris-Damn straight.

That conversation was said at lunch one day, Chris is my boyfriend and Camren is his friend. Lol
Love is patient
Love is kind
Love does not envy
Love does not boast
Love is not proud
Love is not rude
Love always trusts
Love always hopes
Love never fails

Inspired by a painting/picture thingy that my mom has hanging int he dining room. Lol
Him-You love me
Me- What?
Him-Your icon says
Me-Oh. Well i do love you
Him-I love you too.

That was the first time anyone *menaing a boy* told me they loved me! It was an internet conversation between me and my ex-boyfriend. I had an icont hat said "i will love you forever". I just thought this was so cute!
Me-omg my teeth hurt!! ahhhh
Him-aww i wish i could make you feel better
Me-i love you so much...and i hate spacers so much!
Him-i love you too hun

Nice way to make me feel better right after comming back from the orthodontist, huh? Lol I love this kid!
No matter what happens
No matter how you feel

I'll always feel the same
I'll always love you

And you'll always be in my heart
And you'll always be my baby

All mine!
Suggestion- bold "always" all 4 times. Italic "you" in the 2nd line.
I never imagined us being sperated
I never imagined us not being together. BUt then she came in the picture and everything seem impossible.
I love you, and i've always loved you. I gave u everything but then u walked away.
After everything we've been through, it's hard to believe that i'm still here for u.
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