Quotes added on Tuesday, October 11 2005

I always thought * his name* loves * your name* but never *his name* loves *her name*
I used to talk to u and get this feeling in my chest that i could hardly breath. Now when i talk to u all i do is smile b-cuz i've learned to let go.
You lead me on and then left me out in the cold. All i ever wanted was for u to like me. All i ever wanted was for u to care. But i guess i cant get everything i want.
True friends try to lift each other, help one another aim for worthy goals and make the right decition. This means you must choose your friends wisely, and guide them wisely. Because being a friend doesn't always mean saying, doing, or advising the things your friend wants you to. It means telling the truth, giving the right advice, even tho you know it might hurt a little. A true friend is the one who speaks from the heart, and stays to comfort if the truth hurts.
A good friend allows you a safe place to share your deepest thoughts and needs without worry of being judged criticized, or made to feel silly for feeling the way you do.
If it hurts to look back and it frightens you to look forward just look beside you and I will be there. If one day you feel like crying, call me. I dont promise that I will make you laugh but I can try. If one day you wanna run away dont be afraid to call me. I dont promise to ask you to stop but I can run with you. If one day you dont wanna listen to anybody call me and I promise to be very quiet but if one day you call and there is no answer come fast to see me. Perhaps I need you.
God mad3 nite
gOD made day
goD mad3 pepsii
god made us tooh damn sexii
Sure i'm one of those girls that you would call the 'biggest flirt',
But just because of that doesn't mean i'm interested,
Sure there might be a guy that i love,
But i'll always be in love with you,
Beacause baby there is no one quite like you.

All mine!
Of course not true but i thought it was cute!
Him-Hey what are you doing?
Me-Straightening my hair.
Him-How long does that take?
Me-Umm...20 minutes..then another 15 in the morning.
Me-What to high maitnence for you?
Him-No your not high maitnence.
Me-Okay then what am i?

My boyfriend said that to me ont he phone one night! It was so CUTE! Or at least i thought so. x3
I'm playin hide and seek! see if you can find me!
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